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Explore different lifestyle features designed to meet your unique needs.

Food and Fitness

Food and Fitness

Explore exclusive fitness deals, check into a gym and get a free digital meal plan!



See football game predictions and get exciting updates on football fixtures and league tables.

See now showing, upcoming and released movies and series.

Explore a compilation of funny videos and trending news stories from around the world.



Search for flights, buy flight tickets at competitive prices and plan a holiday!

Automobile Support

Automobile Support

Track your vehicle in real time. Buy an automobile insurance policy and find a nearby petrol station and autorepair shop.

Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Buy a Custodian insurance policy straight-through, renew your policy, check your policy balance, claims status, RSA balance and lots more.

Watch Video

Watch Video


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adapt?

Adapt is a lifestyle app that offers products and services in five distinct areas: Food and Fitness, Entertainment, Travel, Automobile Support and Insurance.

What Makes Adapt Unique?

Adapt is the first all-in-one lifestyle app in Nigeria and Africa that caters to virtually every aspect of your lifestyle.

Why Should I Use Adapt?

Adapt is a convenient and easy to use mobile app.

It features an automobile support feature with a telematics function that lets you track your car in real time, a food & fitness module that gives you access to a free digital meal plan and an entertainment hub developed to immerse you in exciting curated content.

Additionally, Adapt has a travel hub within which you can buy flight tickets at competitive prices as well as plan a holiday. You can also search for nearby gyms, restaurants, petrol stations and autorepair shops via the app.

There are a lot more exciting features to explore on Adapt. The icing on the cake, however, is the bouquet of insurance and pensions self-service features developed for you to conveniently buy an insurance policy straight-through, renew your policy and check your claims status and policy balance.

On What Mobile Platform Can I Use Adapt?

Adapt can be used on iOS and Android devices.

How Secure is Adapt?

Adapt is owned by Custodian Investment Plc, an investment company with significant holdings in the Insurance, Pensions and Trusteeship business. The privacy and security of customer information is of utmost importance to us and stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that our customers are protected every step of the way.

How Do I Book A Flight On Adapt?

On the Adapt travel menu, select 'Book a Flight'. You will be required to fill a form on your flight preference. Once this is done, a list of available flights will be displayed based on your preference. You are to select your desired flight and then proceed to make payment on the app. You will then receive an email notification once payment is successful.

How Do I Buy A Travel Insurance Policy On The App?

On the Adapt travel menu, select 'Travel Insurance'. You will be required to fill a form with your necessary flight details. Once this is done, your premium will be computed and you can then proceed to make payment.

Can I Buy An Insurance Policy on Adapt?

Yes, you can. You can buy a travel insurance policy directly on the app. You can also buy a motor insurance policy, a personal accident insurance policy as well as any savings and investment policy of your choice.

Is Adapt Owned by Custodian?

Yes, Adapt is owned by the Custodian Investment Plc. Adapt by Custodian is a subsidiary of the Custodian Investment Group.